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The Communications Workers of America (CWA) is the largest communications and media labor union in the United States, representing about 700,000 members in both the private and public sectors (also in Canada and Puerto Rico). The union has 27 locals in Canada via CWA-SCA Canada about 8,000 members. CWA has several affiliated subsidiary labor unions bringing total membership to over 700,000. CWA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and affiliated with the AFL–CIO, the Strategic Organizing Center the Canadian Labour Congress, and UNI Global Union. The current president is Chris Shelton.

The CWA’s Triple Threat program started in 1965 and was focused on broadening the membership base and expanding CWA’s influence in the areas of politics and legislation as well as collective bargaining. The Triple Threat initiative consists on a focus of: Organizing, Representation and Community / Political Action.

About CWA Local 2336

The Communications Workers of America Local 2336 is located in Washington, DC and was formed in 1950. Today CWA Local 2336 is proud to represent its members that are employed by various companies and represent several different industries. Currently CWA represents members at: Verizon Communications, AT&T Mobility, United Planning Organization, Catalist, EveryAction/Bonterrra, and AVAYA. CWA Local 2336 is growing everyday with organizing efforts reaching of to workers who are looking to stand up and be recognized.

The Current Executive Board of CWA Local 2336:

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