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AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #20

CWA / AT&T 2017 “Orange” Contract Bargaining

March 1, 2017 – Bargaining Report #20

The Bargaining team met with the Company today for an extended period.

First, we put on a presentation on commissions and how they have been

diminished even as AT&T’s profits soar. The presentation was met with

silence that spoke volumes. The Company couldn’t figure out a way to

justify their greed, so they said nothing. The Union also made proposals

for improved monitoring language for Call Center and Retail workers.

Several proposals were made by the Union for title/pay upgrades to make

sure that our members who are being asked to do more are compensated

for it.

The Company took all our information and proposals and had nothing new

to offer us. The Company continues to stall, delay and make no

meaningful movement at the table. We need our members to stay

mobilized and let the company know we will keep fighting until we get a fair


Stay strong Sisters and Brothers!!

In Solidarity,

Mike Baxter, Local 1101 Glen Skeen, Local 4320

Frank Oliva, Local 1298 Debbie Goulet, Local 7803

Deb Casey, Local 2204 Hector Capote, Local 7250

Jeff Reamer, Local 13000 Brandon Beck, Local 9511

Julie Daloisio, Local 13500 Joe Sison, Local 9412

Holly Sorey, Local 4202 Pat Telesco, District 1, Chair

Tonya Moore, D1

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