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AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #42

CWA / AT&T 2017 “Orange” Contract Bargaining
May 11, 2017 – Bargaining Report #42
One of the key issues the Bargaining Team is focusing on is Job Security.
As the company looks toward the future, so does the Union. Job Security
can take shape in many forms, but any way you look at it, it is a major
issue. As many of you hear out in the field, the company wants to offshore
or outsource Call Center jobs, open more authorized retailers and let
technology and contractors chip away at the Technicians head count. The
Union addresses these issues every time we meet with the Company, but
the Company continues to bury their heads in the sand and make believe
none of this is going on. The Union is going after new Tech work such as
small cells and The First Responder Network, as well as protecting our
members in the Call Centers from outsourcing/offshoring of work and
demanding the Company come to the table with their long-term plan for the
retail stores. While all issues on the table are important, job security is right
at the top and is a strike issue.
We need mobilization throughout the Orange footprint to escalate, and your
managers need to know you will do whatever it takes to secure a good
contract. We remain far apart, but with the support and unity of the
membership we can close the gap. The Company needs to hear us loud
and clear and know that if they don’t bargain a fair contract WE WILL
STRIKE! The Bargaining Team is committed, and we know you are too.
When we fight, We WIN! Stay strong Brothers and Sisters!!
In Solidarity,
Mike Baxter, Local 1101 Glen Skeen, Local 4320
Frank Oliva, Local 1298 Debbie Goulet, Local 7803
Deb Casey, Local 2204 Hector Capote, Local 7250
Jeff Reamer, Local 13000 Brandon Beck, Local 9511
Julie Daloisio, Local 13500 Joe Sison, Local 9412
Holly Sorey, Local 4202 Pat Telesco, District 1, Chair
Tonya Moore, D1

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