Workers of

Bargaining Report #4







March 7, 2022


Fellow CWA Members,


The bargaining team and the Company met today and CWA passed wage proposals, a work at home proposal, and a parental leave proposal.


While we wait for the company to review and counter these proposals, now is a good time to re-engage with the bargaining unit if you have lapsed in the past few months. Our power is directly tied to the membership’s collective action, so NOW is the time to dust off your red outfits and get ready to mobilize!


Although we have made very good progress on most non-economic issues and most proposals have tentative agreements, a complete contract is still far away. Continue to keep your Union Officials advised of any and all issues that may arise in the workplace.


The Union is now waiting for the company’s response to our economic proposals that we passed today. We expect to meet within the next 2 weeks.


“One Day Longer One Day Stronger!”

“When We Fight, We Win!”




In Solidarity,


Your CWA Bargaining Team:

Tonya Hodges, CWA Staff Representative

Don Trementozzi, President, CWA Local 1400

Terry Garner, President, Local 2336

Jim Gardler, President, CWA Local 13000

Keri Evinson, Executive VP, CWA Local 1400

Melissa Smith-Kupihea, Executive VP, CWA Local 2336

Jeff Reamer, Executive VP, CWA Local 13000

Karen Cusson, Recording Secretary, CWA Local 1400

Mike Murray, CWA Local 1400

Jennifer Willis, CWA Local 1400

Grace Duginski, CWA Local 2336

MJ Flott, CWA Local 13000

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