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Bargaining Report #5


MARCH 22, 2022

Fellow CWA Members, Today the CWA Bargaining Committee met with the Company to receive their response to our economic proposals. The Company’s proposals were completely unacceptable, and the entire Bargaining Committee was insulted by them. Despite the Company’s stated commitments to employee retention, a positive corporate culture, and social impact their proposals today failed to reflect those priorities. Even with projected revenue of $200M annually across GoodCo, it’s apparent the Company is not interested in investing any of this income into the workers who generate this revenue. It’s obvious how little the Company values its employees.

It has become clear that our mobilization strategy will be vital to achieving a fair and equitable contract with fair wages and working conditions for every worker. The only way to accomplish this will be to apply coordinated pressure; we need as many voices as possible to make it clear to the Company that we will settle for nothing less than a fair contract.

Our first ask is to have all members complete this survey by Tuesday, March 29th; be sure to speak to your team members and colleagues to ensure that they’re aware of and complete the survey as well. Our aim is to show management that their current employee satisfaction falls short of their stated goals. Please complete the survey honestly, the results are completely anonymous even to the members of the bargaining committee.

“When We Fight, We Win!”

In Solidarity,

Your CWA Bargaining Team:

Tonya Hodges, CWA Staff Representative Don Trementozzi, President, CWA Local 1400 Terry Garner, President, Local 2336 Jim Gardler, President, CWA Local 13000 Keri Evinson, Executive VP, CWA Local 1400 Melissa Smith-Kupihea, Executive VP, CWA Local 2336 Jeff Reamer, Executive VP, CWA Local 13000 Karen Cusson, Recording Secretary, CWA Local 1400 Mike Murray, CWA Local 1400 Jennifer Willis, CWA Local 1400 Grace Duginski, CWA Local 2336 MJ Flott, CWA Local 13000

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