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For release July 20, 2016


Contact: Candice Johnson, CWA Communications,, 202-434-1168.


CWA: It’s Time for AT&T to End its Demands for Health Care Cuts at Mobility


Washington, D.C. — CWA’s AT&T Mobility bargaining team is working to negotiate a new national bargained benefit plan covering 45,000 AT&T Mobility workers.


CWA members voted down an earlier tentative agreement, and CWA negotiators are meeting with the company team to bargain improvements to the last proposal. The national benefits agreement covers health care, life insurance, tuition assistance, adoption assistance and other benefits. Wages and working conditions are bargained separately at four units


Our goal remains to make healthcare more affordable and ensure that all Mobility members, no matter where they live and work, have access to a good provider network. CWA members at Mobility are mobilizing, standing up together at worksites and calling on the company to stop looking to cut workers’ health care benefits.


Negotiations are continuing, and another package will be presented to the membership for a ratification vote.



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