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Verizon Press Release

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Fios customers are about to get a plus up in their TV viewing
Today, Verizon announced the launch of Fios TV+ to all new customers who sign
up for Fios video services. With Fios TV+, customers can watch live TV and more of
their favorite streaming services through one device, meaning all your shows and
content can be all in one place – without a traditional set top box.
“Fios TV+ is a game-changer for delivering all your favorite live TV and streaming
content, all in one place, and we’re excited to bring this experience to all of our new Fios
video customers at no extra cost,” said Heather McDavitt, Vice President, Consumer
Products for Verizon. “We are committed to always innovating to bring the best,
industry-leading experiences our customers deserve and expect from Verizon.”

With an expansive library of content, Fios TV+ integrates live Fios TV and DVR
content; the full Fios Video on Demand catalog; and thousands of available apps in
Google Play – all with built-in, crystal-clear 4K video capabilities. Its customizable user
interface allows customers to pin favorite apps and revisit recently viewed channels on
the home screen, view personalized recommendations based on watch history, and see
which movies and shows can be watched for free through existing subscriptions.
The next-gen Fios TV+ remote control includes a Bluetooth connection (so no
line-of-sight is needed to change the channel); voice control with built-in Google
Assistant, and Find My Remote functionality that makes a lost remote beep.
Customers also can take their fun on the go with the Fios TV Mobile app, which
delivers live TV on compatible devices for watch-on-the-go functionality.
“Fios TV+ is just the latest example of how we’re continuing to deliver the best
experiences for our customers,” said Tom Nugent, Vice President of Consumer Sales
and Service for Verizon. “With these advances in Fios technology, I’m excited for all of
the ways our Fios TV customers can stream their favorite TV shows and movies like
never before.”
Customers can choose to install the smartphone-sized Fios TV+ unit themselves,
or schedule an installation appointment with a Fios technician. For more details about
Fios TV+, check out
There has never been a better time to join Verizon for both your home and
mobile service. For a limited time, current Verizon mobile customers who sign up for
new Fios internet can get a five-year price guarantee. 1 Already have Fios internet? You
can save $10 per line per month for up to 12 lines when you switch to Verizon mobile

and choose an unlimited plan that includes 5G Ultra Wideband – that’s $480 in savings
for a family of four. Check out our Holiday Hub to stay up to date on the latest deals
throughout the holiday season.
Fios customers have access to a wide range of plans that deliver at least 300
Mbps for both downloads and uploads starting at just $25 per month with Auto Pay and
select 5G mobile plans. 2 Select locations will have access to Fios 2 Gig plans – the
fastest speeds offered by Fios – starting at $84.99 per month with Auto Pay and select
5G mobile plans. 3

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