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Bargaining Report #21

During today’s (Monday, November 26, 2018) negotiations there were no discussions regarding bonuses and raises.  UHS made no offer of money to the Union.  In fact, contract language proposals were the only discussion between UHS and the Union.   Rumors seem to have been circulating the hospital about money being set aside or given to the Union.  Understand that no employer is going to give the Union their money to do with it as we please.  Rumors are simply started to tear people apart and weaken your resolve.


Raises, benefits and bonuses are all mandatory subjects of bargaining and will be negotiated.  Economics will be discussed during this process once the contract language piece is settled.  Bargaining reports are posted on the Union bulletin boards on every floor and are changed after each set of bargaining sessions.  Please continue to locate the boards and read the updates.  You can also refer to the CWA Local 2336 website with those reports at    You can also contact the Local at 202-291-1500.


Negotiations continue and the Union is communicating across the table the lack of respect for the grievance process and in some cases other contract language as well as towards our members. If you want the raise and you are looking for money in other areas, everyone needs to come together and stand united.  CWA and PIW will be meeting again on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 to continue bargaining.


Stand strong in solidarity.


Your Bargaining Team

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