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Bargaining Report 24

CWA and PIW met for bargaining on March 6th and March 7th, 2019. The Bargaining Committee narrowed the team to 2 committee members to meet with 2 PIW/UHS representatives. The remaining committee members continued to review requests for information. This shift in negotiations has proved to be productive. A total of 3 proposals were TA’d these past 2 sessions relating to the grievance procedure; restricted access and Distribution of literature. Improvements were made concerning the patient care grievance process.

While we are on site at PIW, the Union took note that several members were wearing PIW safety shirts. Keep in mind that your safety was one of the top concerns you wanted addressed during these rounds of negotiations. Since we have been in bargaining, PIW has not produced any significant safety changes. Members are still being attacked by patients and understaffing is still the main cause. Security measures still fall to you not designated security staff. Brothers and Sisters sporting a safety shirt does not equate to you having actual security protections. Don’t be persuaded into wearing something that represents safety when it is not available to protect you. Safety measures will happen if you stand up for yourself and your patients, not by showing “your spirit” by wearing the employers t-shirt when they allow you to wear it.

As we continue this fight for a fair contract, keep your spirits up. Do not allow PIW, managed by UHS, to discourage you or diminish your value. CWA is still at the table working to reach a fair contract. CWA will not stop fighting for the members at PIW. While we are in the middle of this fight, don’t forget that we are stronger together!

Remember, you have rights! Rights to be safe at work, rights to fair wages, rights to Union representation at work, and rights to be treated with respect at work.

Stay Strong in Solidarity

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