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The PRO Act Means More Power For Union Members


When workers organize, mobilize, and strike together we can build power and win the wages, benefits, and working conditions we need and deserve. But that can be extremely difficult when our current laws keep the balance of power tilted in favor of CEOs and the super-rich.

The problem is, when CEOs and the 1% hold so much power, our economy and laws stay rigged in favor of the wealthy. They get richer while our wages stay stagnant and our working conditions get worse. We need big change.

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is historic legislation that will put power in the hands of workers and reverse decades of legislation meant to crust unions.  The bill will completely change labor law as we know it and shift power away from CEOs to workers.

Support the PRO Act by calling 1-877-750-7411 or sign the petition on the CWA website.

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