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Devastation hits our CWA 2336 Brother

On Monday Feb 12th, 2024, our CWA brother, D’angelo Niler, out of Barry Rd garage lost his home due to a devastating house fire in Welcome, MD.  He and his 4-year-old son Elijah, Elijah’s mom and grandparents are safe and uninjured, but have lost all of their belongings necessary to navigate daily life as we know it.

unnamedD’Angelo had left his home with Elijah to drop him off at school and then report for work in DC.  Fortunately, D’Angelo and Elijah weren’t there to witness this unforgettable and massive scene of their home engulfed in flames. 

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They have lost all of the things that are so necessary, and very important to Elijah such as books, clothes, toys and their beautiful rancher style home.
Any support is welcomed and appreciated as every bit truly helps.  Times like these are traumatic on all fronts, and the stress can often become unbearable.  

The family has created this GoFundMe page to accept donations to help recover.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the local.
In Solidarity,
CWA Local 2336

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