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September 25, 2014

Greetings UPO Member

We have finally reached a Tentative Agreement with UPO, and need to do a discussion and ratification vote to either accept or decline.  A meeting is planned for Tuesday Evening, September 30, 2014 at 6:30 pm at the Local Office.

Below is a review of the major highlights of the tentative agreement.  All questions will be addressed at meeting on Tuesday Evening.


Brenda Savoy


CWA Local 2336

Review of UPO/CWA Contract Negotiations Tentative Agreement

Housekeeping changes such as:  Early Childhood Education to Office of Early Learning, Chief Executive Officer to President, etc.

Article 5 – Employment Classification

5.8- Part-time employee with limited benefits as an employee hired to fill a regular position and is normally scheduled to work on a continuing basis less than twenty-one (21) hours a week and who has successfully completed a six month Introductory Appointment.

Article 6 – New Job Titles and Classifications

…Union and Employer agree to review Appendix 1 annually and update it as necessary

Article 7 – Hours of work and Working Scheduling

7.2 –  (clarifying) 8 ¼ hour days in length with 45 minute lunch and 8 ½ Hours day with 60 minute lunch.

Article 8 – Salaries and Wages

– not able to get definite wage increase, but language in this article allows us to police the requests that are sent out to get contracts.   Working spread sheet has been set-up for this purpose.

8.5 – classroom associate replaced teacher’s aide.

Article 9 – Benefits

9.4 – A part-time employee with limited benefits whose scheduled weekly hours are less than twenty-one (21) hours per week, is eligible to accrue and use sick Leave consistent with the Sick Leave Policy and is not eligible to receive any other benefits or paid time-off.

Article 10 – Vacation/Annual Leave and Flexible Leave

10.A.2.e – …..OEL employees with more than four (4) years of service will receive five (5) days and six (6) hours of Flexible leave and OEL employees with less than four (4) years of service will receive four and one-half (4.5) hours of Flexible leave  (The six hours and four and half hours respectively are times moved from personal business days). …..Unused Flexible leave will be carried over to the next calendar year and must be used by December 31st of that year or it will be lost.

10.3 – OEL employees separated from their employment with UPO, except for the introductory appointment employees, will be paid their Flexible leave earned and not used during the calendar year.  OEL employees will not be paid for carry over Flexible leave.

Article 11 – Sick Leave

Expanded use of your sick leave such as: doctor appointments, family sickness with definitions etc.

Article 12 – Family Medical Leave Act

Expanded with more explanations of the Family Medical Leave Act.

Article 14 – Personal Business Days

OEL six hours and 4.5 hours of personal business days was dropped and added as flex leave, so that it became a leave that could be carried over.

Article 20 – Retirement

All eligible workers are 100% invested upon being hired.

Article 21 – Office of Early Learning

Addition of partial day for inclement weather when District of Columbia Public Schools are closed.

Article 24 – Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Policy

Updated definitions, test levels of substance abuse etc.

Appendix 1 – Job Titles and FLSA Status (Exempt/Nonexempt)

Extensive updating of new jobs and status.

Appendix 2 – Transfers, Promotions and Demotions

Rewritten but basic meaning still the same

Appendix 3 – Discipline Procedures

Dropped list of causes that could be disciplined

Appendix 4 – Workers Compensation

Updated explanation of the use of Worker Compensation

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